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Are You Ready To Surrender?

Welcome (to my world), I do hope you are ready to serve me! You WILL address me as  Mistress Anna , I am an independent, professional Dominatrix about 20 miles from  Peterborough, I can be fun, caring, playful, demanding, stern fair and by no means a push over I am open-minded and love different Role-Play (dont enjoy any underage play or anything illegal 

With that in mind you will always treat me with respect  and at all times. I am a tall, elegant Dominatrix and I love what I do. This is my lifestyle and part of me. 

Naughty but Nice 😉


NEVER JUST CALL Mistress Anna UNANNOUNCED; Always txt 1st with an explanation as to what it is you are looking for and you will receive a reply within 24 hrs 

Number to txt 1st to arrange an appointment/session with Mistress Anna is: 07713010428 

If you are seeking a playful, high class lady with a naturally stunning figure then I may consider you to serve myself Mistress Anna 

It does not matter if you are adventurous or very open minded or new to serving a professional Domination Mistress If I decide that you qualify to serve me I can offer a discreet, fully inclusive meeting. This must be booked at least 48 hrs in advance to avoid any disappointment a non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking .

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